Ethnobotany Woodland Trail Walk MBG

Humans are inventive, omnivorous animals. To survive, we experiment with different food sources and ways to create shelter, clothing, tools, weapons, and medicine. Native Americans and early Colonists (bringing herbal knowledge from across the ocean) were continually trying new ways to use the plants around them. Join us on a walk along the main Woodland […]

Fleeting Beauty: Spring Ephemeral Wildflowers

There couldn’t be a prettier time of year to be outside. The sun is shining, birds are singing, a warm breeze is blowing, and spring ephemeral wildflowers are in bloom! Eastern North America is home to an incredibly wide variety of wildflowers, and some of the most treasured are the ephemeral “blink and you may […]

Spring Wildflowers In The Woodland

There’s no denying that we are all ready for spring! Starting this month, we will be highlighting blossoms throughout the Garden with special Saturday activities as part of our Spring Blooms at the Garden series. For some of us, our favorite early spring blooms are not the showy tulips and other swaths of color found throughout […]

MBG’s Director Of Horticulture Rick Pudwell Shares His February Gardening Tips

February is a variable month. We can have a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. Day length is getting longer. In fact, the length of each day increases more in the month of February, than in any other month. There are signs of life outdoors, some subtle, others more pronounced, but there is no denying early […]

Succulents: A Popular, Colorful Group Of Indoor Plants

When the weather outside is frightful, gardeners can still comfortably indulge their green thumb with houseplants. A group of indoor plants experiencing a huge surge of popularity right now are tropical succulents; those fat-leafed, fat-stemmed little marvels that are popping up everywhere from boutique gift shops to big box stores to grocery store floral departments, […]

Why It’s Important To Use Native Plants In Your Garden

The only thing better than a hobby you love is a hobby you love that increases your quality of life. By that test, there’s nothing better than gardening. Along with fresh air and dirty fingers, a garden offers beautiful sights and tastes. Experienced gardeners can turn almost any seedling into a fruitful adult plant. For […]