Sculpture & Art Collection

These sculptures, installations, and art pieces are part of the Garden’s permanent collection and are currently on display throughout the grounds.

Combing by John McIntire

  • John McIntire, a retired professor of sculpture at Memphis College of Art, is best known for creating a special birthday present for The King, Elvis, who received a statue of Jesus that can still be viewed at Graceland today. 

Adam and Eve by Ted Rust

  • Ted Rust was a talented sculptor and long-time Director of Memphis College of Art. He said this about this sculpture, “I never could go totally abstract. I like telling a story too much.”

The Leap by Billy Price Carroll

  • Billy Price Carroll’s portraiture career spanned over 63 years of activity in painting and bronze. Borothy Pugh, founder of Ballet Memphis, was said to be the model for The Leap sculpture.

Lowes Grid, Two Pitchers, Lateral Follower by Jim Buchman

  • Jim Buchman is a Memphis native. He was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship in 1977. His forms are reminiscent of both modernist abstractions and antiquity’s most elegant columns and pillars.

Artifact by Carroll Todd

  • Working in precisely formed and welded sheet bronze, Todd’s sense of child-like wonderment of nature is sharp. The work is clearly inspired by modernist thoughts and design tendencies similar to Sheela O’Keefe and Nadelman.

Large Ribbed Bowl by Cecil Humphreys

  • “This bowl was hand formed in clay and then hand cast in bronze using the same lost wax method which has been used for the last several thousand years.”

Impossible Object (Arch) by Greely Myatt

  • “With this sculpture I am interested in making a piece that uses optical illusions to address issues of 2D/3D space. These ‘impossible objects’ are usually drawn and seldom seen in real space. I really like the back and forth that happens as this drawing/sculpture stands against the fantastic backdrop of the botanical garden. 

The Businessman by Lon Anthony

  • Lawrence “Lon” Anthony’s pieces are amused responses to what he sees when observing humanity. Humor was the cornerstone of his work. From 1961-1995 he was the Fine Arts Instructor at Rhodes College– the first arts instructor.

Cumulonimbus by Brian Russell

  • “I draw inspiration from forms and rhythms in nature, ancient artifacts, mathematics and science– distilling these influences into abstract points of intersection.”

Neutrinos and Neutrino Impression by Roy Tamboli

  • “Neutrinos are one of the fundamental, subatomic particles which make up the universe. I love thinking about all the energy, movement, and life inside plants that we cannot see without magnification.”

Flight of Fancy by Yvonne Bobo

  • “Flight of Fancy” is inspired by the exuberant flight of barn swallows; their acrobatic choreography makes me long for this freedom of movement seemingly unaffected by the forces grounding me.

Sculptural Handrail from Metal Museum in memory of Mary Robinson

Rainbow Mosaic in Seedling Circle by Kristi Duckworth

Dog Sculpture and Melody Mockingbird (on top of doghouse) in Seedling Circle by Tim Kinnard

Stained Glass in Seedling Circle by Suzy Hendrix

Pixie Sticks by Mary Cour Burrows
House of Rock on Playhouse Lane by Tootsie Bell
Country House in Playhouse Lane by Anne Hughes Sayle

Finders Keepers Playhouse by Mary Jo Karimnia

The Piper by Danny Daniels
Castle Redeux by Bernhard Meck
Castle Redeux embellishments by Tim Pace

Earthworms in Wormville by Bernhard Meck

Hardwood Percussive Trio by Sean P. Murphy & Anne Froning Wike

Copper/Cedar Birdhouses by Copper Hall (John Wright Hall & Brad Arnold)

Birds and Nest by DaKoda Davis

Ode to Her Bottled Up Nesting Instinct (birdhouse bottle tree) by Mary Cour Burrows

Eagle’s Nest by Terrence Brown

Crow-Be-Gonners (scarecrows) by Mary Cour Burrows

Recycled Bugs by Tim Pace
Recycled Bugs by Tim Pace
Recycled Bugs by Tim Pace

Pillbugs in Decomposition Maze by Bernhard Meck

Butterfly patio in Welcome Wildlife area by Kristi Duckworth

Birdbath by Copper Hall (John Wright Hall & Brad Arnold)

Bugnation Stained Glass Insects by Suzy Hendrix

Chrysalis Swing by Bill Price

Recycled Dragonfly by Tim Pace

Metal Flowers by Elijah Gold

Leaping Levi by Larry Luger

Snake, Frog, And Crawfish by Larry Lugar

The Boat by Karl Weight

Enchanted Mushroom Palace by Clinton Ellis

Destino III by Roy Tamboli

  • Roy says of his work, “This organic sculpture is about transformation over time and evolving to a more meaningful reality with greater purpose. As we are transmuted by unanticipated twists of fate and outside forces, we learn to accept and work with new states of being.”

Bottle Tree by Mary Cour Burrows

Gazebo in the Herb Garden from the Metal Museum of Memphis

“Iris, Goddess of The Rainbow” in the Iris Garden by Bobbe Gentry

Budding Flowers by Ernests Vitins

Decorative concrete flower in the Herb Garden by Kevin Baltz of Baltz Concrete

Chime Tree by Billy Price Carroll 

  • Billy Price Carroll’s portraiture career spanned over 63 years of activity in painting and bronze.

Queen Eleanor
Garden statuary donated by Steven Hickman

Heron Fountain by Walter Matia

  • Walter Matia is an award-winning artist from Dickerson, MD who specializes in bronze sculptures that typically feature birds, sporting dogs, and other wildlife.

Untitled by Brent Kington

  • Brent Kington was a metalsmith from Topeka, KS who specialized in blacksmithing and sculpture.

Kinetic Crane by Yvonne Bobo in collaboration with engineer Anuj Anjaria

Luna by Jim Masterson, Metal Museum (Memphis)

Unfurling Fiddleheads by Elisha Gold

Ascending located at the edge of the Great Lawn by Billy Price Carroll

Standing Girl at Wildflower Woodland Entrance by Glenna Goodacre

Hunter beyond Four Seasons Garden by Teresa Hanson

Garden Lady by Danny Daniels 

  • Danny Daniels is a Maine artist, and this piece of his was generously donated to our Garden by Clare McDonald. This “Garden Lady” tips her hat to you as you walk along Celebration Stroll.

Stained Glass in Potting Shed at Nursery at the Garden by Rick Bailey

Guitar in the Live Garden by Ron Olson

Cora statue

The Memphis Botanic Garden welcomes proposals for high quality art exhibitions to be displayed on our gallery walls.