Tennessee Urban Forestry Center of Excellence


Memphis Botanic Garden’s 96 acres were certified by the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council as the first Level 4 Arboretum in West Tennessee in 2007 and recognized as the first Urban Forestry Center of Excellence for the state of Tennessee in 2012. Our collection features thousands of trees representing over 180 species, including nineteen species of oaks.

Trees are important to urban communities as they increase property value, sequester carbon, help regulate air quality, control storm-water runoff, and offer food and shelter to wildlife.

The southwest corner of the Garden, was planted as an Arboretum in 1957 and is referred to as the W.C. Paul Arboretum or “Original Arboretum.” It includes an impressive collection of hollies, including a Lusterleaf Holly that is so large it gets confused with a Southern Magnolia. Also noteworthy is a massive Black Walnut and a beautiful grove of Chinese Chestnuts (in the Nursery area), as well as a Catalpa, a Katsura, a Hardy Rubber Tree, and a striking Japanese Maple.

We offer guided “Notable Tree” tours for groups that must be scheduled in advance. Call 901-636-4128 for information on scheduling a guided group tour.

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