Living Plant Collections

A Living, Ever-changing Database

Much like antiquities in a museum, our Living Collections consist of specimen that satisfy core values established by our organization intended to delight, inspire, and inform our visitors, ranging from plants intended solely for ornamental display to plants maintained for conservation efforts. Our Living Collections Policy defines our organizational goals, serving as the framework upon which we build our plant collections. Plants that satisfy selection criteria may be formally catalogued (termed “accessioned”) and incorporated into our Living Collections, a living, ever-changing database of what plants can be found within the Garden grounds, along with where they are located.

Garden Explorer

Spatial information about each accessioned member of our Living Collections is tracked within a database. Garden Explorer allows visitors to search within that database in order to locate specific members of our Living Collections throughout the Garden. Supplemental information about the species is displayed alongside the location, making the Garden Explorer a comprehensive tool for education. This interactive experience allows visitors to freely explore the collections, map out their own tours featuring plants of interest, or simply as a way to learn more about a species.
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